Sexy hair for lazy girls!


Ok I’m gonna let you into a little secret. I’m just not a blow-dry kinda girl. There, I said it! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but actually most of my beauty routine is really quite simple and the last time I had a professional blow-dry before an event I ended up rushing straight home after to re wash my hair and start again! I think that blow dries are best for girls with beautifully thick, naturally curly hair. Just the kind I’ve always dreamed of having. I’m lucky in that I actually have an awful lot of hair but it’s fine and although I had platinum ringlets as a toddler it’s now pretty much poker straight. If I had more time and could actually be bothered (and it weren’t fairly damaging) I would tong waves into it most of the time but here comes my second big secret…. I’m really quite lazy! I would always, always prefer to have extra time in bed in the morning and also let’s face it, with a toddler you’re lucky if you get time to put on lip balm! I once had a friend with a young baby who told me that she only had time in the morning to either put mascara on OR brush her teeth! You knew to keep your distance if you saw her wearing Mascara! Anyway, I digress! The point of my rambling is to tell you about the one hair care product that I’m not sure I could live without. I discovered Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion about seven years ago whilst on a modelling job in the south of France. It was recommended to me by my favourite hair and make-up artist Lisa Valencia. This girl really knows how to make me look like me but a million times better! The bottle states “A curl enhancer and frizz control in a weightless absorbing lotion for a sexy look and feel.” Now as I stated earlier my hair is neither curly nor frizzy but what I find it does for me is to give masses of texture and volume to my otherwise slightly limp and soft hair. I tend to scrunch about one 50p sized blob into each side of my hair when damp, tuck my hair behind my ears and let it dry naturally. Alternatively it’s a great product to use on damp hair before you style, i.e. tong. One thing you may be quickly realising if you follow this blog is that I’m not a big fan of synthetic beauty products stashed full of chemicals. All Kevin Murphy products contain lots of natural ingredients and are all free from nasty chemicals such as parabens and Sodium lauryl sulphate. Most of them contain lots of lovely essential oils and one of my favourite things about Motion Lotion is its delicious smell. Essential oils of Orange, Geranium and Bergamot leave you feeling relaxed and smelling like an expensive hippy (whatever that means!) For me, this product really comes into its own on holiday. The hotter and more humid the climate, the better my hair gets! Again I just scrunch in when I get out of the shower and go and by the time my hair is dry I am left with Gisele type, thick, beach babe loose waves. It doubles up as scent for your hair so no need to add a spritz of perfume and every time I put it on it will always take me back to long, balmy, exotic holiday nights! What’s not to love?



Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion is priced at £18 for 150ml but this should last for quite a while. It can be purchased online at

For more tips on how to air dry your hair, check out this feature on

5 thoughts on “Sexy hair for lazy girls!

  1. Loving reading these blogs…. This one I have just read and have literally just purchased “motion lotion” after reading.

    Really looking forward to trying this out. Paraben free is the way forward! Thanks Zoe.. Looking forward to reading more!

    Namaste 🙏🏽


  2. I have recently purchased the 40ml version of this product just to try it out as I find many hair products leave my hair oily and feeling yucky. However, I absolutely adore how natural this looks in your hair (a task I have struggled to complete for years haha) and I cant wait to try it!

    Love this blog so much I find myself re-reading posts to see what changes I can make myself to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. Thanks Zoe x

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