Beauty review – Aurelia skincare


Two things about this luscious beauty brand meant they pretty much had me at “Hello”! Firstly the name Aurelia, the same as my beautiful daughter instantly had me pricking my ears and secondly the words “probiotic skincare” which immediately appealed to the nutritionista in me. As someone acutely aware of the fact that much of our immune system lives in our gut, lovely probiotics are big on my radar. Probiotics for your skin? This sounded interesting!

See the thing is, I’ve always been torn between natural, clean, botanical skincare and all the science that claims to deliver fantastic results for your skin. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before that you can have both! It makes sense really. All the nutrition our bodies need comes from nature so why would we need to use heaps of harmful chemicals on our skin to see results? Aurelia offer scientifically proven, evidence based skincare which works by helping to manage the level of inflammation within the skin. Inflammation at a cellular level is the number one cause of ageing in the body and of course, your skin! All their products are beautifully free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulphates and are ethically sourced.

Having fallen in love with this company’s ethos and ideas I decided to try out two of their products. I chose the Cell revitalise rose mask and the Eye revitalising duo. These were the products I felt I would benefit from most as, having a two year old, sleep doesn’t massively feature in my life right now and I have “stress skin” due to a very hectic summer and changeable weather conditions 😦 Natural rose scent is one of my favourite smells in the world and reminds me of childhood summers so upon opening the mask and taking a deep breath I let out a sigh of relaxed contentment. The texture of this product is absolutely divine as it glides smoothly and silkily over your skin. It is rich without feeling sticky and you can immediately feel it getting to work nourishing your skin. I’ve been using this mask once a week after cleansing and exfoliating. I apply it and then sit down to chill out, read a book etc whilst it works its magic. After ten minutes I remove the product with a muslin cloth or just with water and my skin feels instantly softer and smoother and seems more radiant and healthy. The idea is that the mask de-stresses your skin but I have to say I found that the whole ritual of pampering myself with these delicious products left my entire mind and body de-stressed too. Definitely worth taking time out of your busy day for and I look forward to making this part of my regular pampering routine.

The second product I chose was the Eye revitalising duo which consists of an Illuminate and smooth puff reduction eye cream and a Revitalise and brighten eye dew which comes in the form of a roll-on. The idea is that you apply the anti-ageing eye dew in the morning. It has cooling properties and the rollerball action provides a gentle lymphatic massage to de-puff and soothe. Again due to the probiotic, peptide and repair technologies that Aurelia have created this product aims to reduce inflammation and dark circles. The eye dew has been clinically proven to result in age correction improvement of five years in just 28 days of use! The second part of the duo, the puff reduction eye cream is intended for use at night after cleansing. Again it is an absolutely yummy smelling, light but nourishing cream packed with Aurelia’s probiotic and repair technologies. It also contains Arnica, my favourite natural healer and once again works to reduce inflammation, puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. I’ve only been using the eye duo for about a week now but due to the delicious natural smell and the wonderful rich texture of the products I really enjoy applying them. The eye dew really wakes and refreshes my eyes in the morning and I look forward with huge excitement, to looking five years younger by this time next month! Watch this space 😉

Cell revitalise rose mask costs £65 for 60ml. Eye revitalising duo is £90 for 10ml/15ml and can be purchased from *



*Please note that Cell revitalise mask and Eye revitalising duo were kindly gifted to me by Aurelia skincare. Any other products featured here were purchased by myself.

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