Sneak preview – New Weleda range


If you’re a regular to this blog, this won’t be the first time you’ll have heard me talk about this fantastic brand and it certainly won’t be the last! I discovered Weleda many years ago when my mother was working as an osteopath. She used to use Weleda massage oils and also a lot of their homeopathic medicines and her treatment room always smelled so wonderfully relaxing.

Weleda started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden and is now the world’s biggest manufacturer of natural, holistic skincare. All of Weleda’s products are organic and biodynamic and are ethically and sustainably sourced. Also they don’t contain any preservatives so they really are beautiful, botanical skincare products in their purest form. To be completely honest, they are probably the only cosmetic brand with which I don’t even check the ingredient labels as I trust 100% that they will never contain anything harmful. Something which sadly can’t be said for every beauty brand claiming to be natural and good for us!

The newest product range to be added to Weleda’s comprehensive collection is their Almond Sensitive Skin range. This consists of a body lotion, body wash and hand cream. From time to time our skin can change and become more sensitive due to illness or hormonal changes and we may find that our usual products begin to irritate. This range is specially formulated to calm and soothe very sensitive skin, reduce irritation and provide long-lasting moisturisation. Weleda’s Almond oil is cold-pressed from organic crops grown in Spain. They contain a special mix of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids , which are essential for the metabolic process to take place in the skin and therefore improve the skin’s barrier function and protect against moisture loss.

All of the products smell delicious although at times the smell did make me want to eat Marzipan! Although it is a slightly sweet smell it is very natural and not at all sickly like some sweeter smelling beauty products. The body lotion is smooth and rich yet absorbed quickly into my skin, therefore it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or slimy. I applied it in the morning and still looked and felt well moisturised by the evening. I don’t generally suffer from sensitive skin on my body but I think this body lotion will be wonderful for my holiday as a cooling skin soother after a day in the sun and sea!

The body wash , again smells wonderful. It is creamy and pH balanced and also contains shea butter to leave you feeling fresh and protect against dryness.

The hand cream is probably my favourite product from this range. I have a bit of a hand cream fetish as, come Winter time, my hands get so dry that they sometimes crack and bleed. I often use another of Weleda’s “Wonder products” Skin food, which is a great all round beauty cream that I swear by. Skin food is quite rich though so although it certainly protects as a barrier, It’s not always practical to go around with greasy hands so I tend to apply it at night before bed. This new Almond sensitive hand cream is brilliant as it sorts the skin out from deep down by again, being pH balanced. It’s light enough to be quickly absorbed so you can apply it when you’re out and about. Also because it is so gentle it won’t irritate already broken or itchy skin. I’m going to buy heaps of these and keep one in every pocket and handbag!

Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion – £13.95 200ml, Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash – £7.95 200ml, Almond Sensitive Hand Cream – £9.95 50ml. Range available from Sept.


These products were kindly gifted to me by Weleda.

6 thoughts on “Sneak preview – New Weleda range

  1. Where can you buy these products Zoe, or do you have to send away for them? I’m very interested in the body lotion and hand cream.Xx


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