Review – Jamie’s sugar rush, by Sally Hobbs

Jamie’s Sugar Rush

Thursday 3rd September 2015 Channel 4 9pm

We know there’s an ‘epidemic ’of diabetes and obesity.  We know that this is caused by over-eating or over-drinking of sugar, foods that contain sugar, or foods that behave just like sugar as soon as they’ve been eaten.

The effects are devastating. 26,000 primary school age children each year are admitted to hospital to have decayed teeth pulled out – costing the NHS £30m.  Or type 2 diabetes, costing £9billion per year, with younger and younger children becoming diabetic.

The food industry however doesn’t agree and hooks children in early to their deadly products through eye-level, child-level placing of sweets, confectionery and soft drinks; and by advertising soft drinks and sugary foods during family programmes such as X-factor, often using images of cool, sporty-looking people to advertise the products.

Jamie Oliver’s got pretty angry about this and is fired up and ready for a fight.  And really there’s no-one better. Once he’s got his head round it he’s great at putting his case.

And what does eating less sugar mean?

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Sally Hobbs qualified from the college of osteopaths in 1991 with a diploma in osteopathy and naturopathy. She currently practices as a naturopath from her business Naturpura in Buckinghamshire. She is also studying for her BSc in Nutritional Science.

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