New Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons


For someone so cautious and aware of what they put into their body and on their skin I’ve arrived surprisingly late to the natural cosmetics party! I guess it’s because subconsciously, I believed that natural make-up, free from nasty chemicals, just couldn’t compare to the mainstream cosmetics brands. My vanity had meant that I’d been putting more chemicals on my face than I cared for! whilst I still don’t believe the market can compare in terms of choice and variety, there are now some great brands out there making some really top grade products. Over the coming weeks and months I will be sharing the results of my quest to find the best “green” cosmetics on the market.

The first product I’d like to share with you is from a brand that I am a big fan of, Burt’s Bees. Whilst I’ve been using some of their bath and skincare products for a while (especially their baby range) I wasn’t aware they had started doing cosmetics as such. In fact I think this line is relatively new and as far as I know they seem to be mainly sticking to lip products at the moment. As it happens I think that lip products are a pretty good place to start if you are thinking of swapping to a more naturally based makeup routine. As these products are applied around your mouth they are the most likely to be ingested into your system.

This new range consists of six colours from a rich burgundy (Redwood forest) to a pale pink (Sedona sands). I treated myself to two of the more mid-way shades Hawaiian Smolder, a rich, berry like shade and a more candy coloured Carolina Coast. The packaging is cute with a little honeycomb detail around the lid and the crayon shape makes them really easy to apply. The crayons are beautifully moisturising and go on smoothly. I don’t tend to use lipsticks on their own as I like a more natural look and I find a lot of lipsticks quite drying so I usually blend a shade on top of a lip balm with my finger for a really natural looking lip colour. These crayons are great for this for a daytime look but also due to fact they have strong pigment but are also sheer and moisturising, I will also be confident enough to wear them on their own for a bolder evening look. They will definitely become a mainstream part of my beauty look and as they have such natural ingredients as well as being moisturising, I can apply them as often as I need without any worries. Thumbs up Burt’s Bees!

Shade - Carolina Coast
Shade – Carolina Coast
Shade - Hawaiian Smolder
Shade – Hawaiian Smolder

Lip Crayons cost £8.99 and are available from selected John Lewis and Boots stores as well as from 


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