Light up your life with Neom


Fire has a very strong spiritual element, even having an association with one of the seven chakras, the navel chakra. It is one of the four main elements of life along with earth, water and air and these four elements are the basis for pretty much all ancient philosophy and religion. It’s no wonder then, that sitting in front of an open fire or candlelight has such an uplifting and soothing effect. Ok so thankfully we’ve progressed from the days of using candles as our main light source but sometimes its nice to go back to basics! A candlelit bath is one of my favourite pampering rituals and I love to have a scented candle on the go whenever we have friends over. It just adds a little warmth and cosiness when entertaining.


There are plenty of scented candle brands about these days but as you know I’m not one for bringing unnecessary chemicals into my house and this extends as far as candles! It can’t be healthy to be burning chemicals and then breathing them into our lungs so therefore I would hardly call these synthetic candles a luxury! I’ve had real problems with finding 100% natural candles. Lots of companies state that their products are natural but in many instances this means that they are made from natural wax, however the fragrances are, more often than not, synthetic. Thankfully I’ve recently discovered Neom Organics.


Neom consider themselves to be a “Wellbeing brand” with not only scented candles but also natural scents for the home and skin and haircare products. I love the ethos of this brand and I’m slightly obsessed with their beautiful website. Neom was founded by former journalist Nicola Elliot and looking at the website it’s easy to see where her previous career has rubbed off as the site reads like a magazine, with interviews with celeb fans and videos and even  their own blog. One of the things that strikes me most about this brand is how truly “holistic” it is. Not only are their scents 100% natural but due to their aromatherapy basis they genuinely do work to restore either calm, energy or harmony to the entire body and mind. Neom’s website isn’t solely about selling products though! They are also acting as an ambassador for all things wellness and holistic. They have a dedicated “Wellbeing panel” which includes experts in aromatherapy, sleep, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and psychology. Their website quotes that “people in the UK are making 22 searches a minute for ‘stress’ and 21 a minute for ‘anxiety’”. This is a worrying but fairly unsurprising statistic,  however the site also quotes that “Women seeking knowledge of wellbeing has grown 50% in 10 years” so hopefully with companies such as Neom spreading the word and encouraging more of us to take time out to look after ourselves, stress management will improve and these worrying stats will decrease.

Neom founder Nicola Elliot
Neom founder Nicola Elliot

What I bought…..

After perusing their website for far too long I finally settled on a 1 wick, Rose and Neroli “Moment Of Calm” candle as (those who are regular to this blog will know!), Rose is my favourite scent. It’s always tricky choosing something scented without smelling it first but Neom only have one shop which is in Wimbledon and I couldn’t find a stockist that close to me sadly. The candle cost £30 with a £3 charge for shipping (free delivery on orders over £40) and delivery is 2-4 working days.

I could easily have had a crazy moment and ordered loads of their candles as all of the blends sounded so wonderful that it was almost impossible to choose, but I thought I would just try one for the time being to see how I get on. (Also the hubby would probably have gone loopy!) As it happens I was browsing my favourite guilty pleasure store TK Maxx a few days later when I came across the most enormous selection of, none other than, Neom candles!! My mother and I leapt on them like vultures and managed to keep the other customers at bay while we filled our baskets with our favourite fragrances. I selected a 3 wick Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood Organic Treatment candle, another 3 wick Pine, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus candle and a small 1 wick White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon Travel candle. Now here’s the exciting part! The big candles were reduced from £45 to £24.99 and the travel candle was a total bargain at just £7.99 (down from £16)!


All of the candles smell divine and the big ones in particular create the most wonderful, warming glow. My absolute favourite has to be the Pine, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus as it reminds me of both skiing holidays and Mallorcan Pine forests and goes perfectly with my favourite Weleda Arnica bath oil to create a wonderfully indulgent bathing experience!


Thanks to my discovery of Neom Organics my house now smells wonderfully (and naturally) fragrant at all times. I’m desperate to try out more of their ranges and I think next on the list will be some of the body scrubs and the wonderfully indulgent sounding “Intensive skin treatment candles”.

Neom have lots of great vids on YouTube to help with general wellness. Check out this vid!….

8 thoughts on “Light up your life with Neom

  1. Burford Garden centre (not that far when you are around Oxford area) always stock a good range of Neom candles and their other products. There is also a great children’s shop (lots of lovely wooden toys, lovely clothes) and it’s super at Christmas x


  2. Just come across your blog, think I’m going to have to treat myself to a Neom candle now! Have you tried the bath oil Zoe? I would recommend- as a new mum to a 12 week old baby boy, it’s my little treat for some well needed relaxation.. X


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