Hi guys. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a fantastic nail polish range that I’ve recently discovered called Soigné Botanique. As you may have guessed from the name, Soigné is a French brand delivering “ECO” nail varnishes. By this I mean that their products are free from nasty chemicals and carcinogens (5 free formula), up to 85% Plant-sourced, natural ingredients, free from animal testing and vegan friendly. Apart from being highly un-friendly for the planet, chemicals such as Formaldehyde used in many nail polishes are harsh on your nails, starving them of oxygen and stripping them of moisture. Therefore if you already have weak, brittle nails, using regular, chemical based nail varnishes will not help the condition of your nails one bit!


I first discovered this brand when I received one of their polishes in a goody bag at an event I attended. I immediately loved the chic and classy looking packaging (typical of the French!) and when I tried the nail varnish I was impressed by how smoothly the colour glided on and the thick and smooth quality of the finish. Here’s the thing…. I only discovered recently when I came across the brand on Twitter that they have such wonderful eco credentials and are a “natural” based product! Imagine my delight at discovering that I could wear my new favourite nail varnish brand without any guilt about damage to either myself or the environment!

Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry

Soigné have a great range of colours and release new ones each season to keep up to date with current fashion trends. I chose three colours this time, Sirop de Rose, Cherry Berry and a classic red Betteraves Rouges. The latter are slightly more autumnal but I’m also hankering after the “out of stock” Feuillage, a dusky plum colour that would go perfectly with this season’s Maroon trend that is everywhere at the moment!

L-R Sirop de Rose, Cherry Berry and Betteraves Rouges
L-R Sirop de Rose, Cherry Berry and Betteraves Rouges

Single colours cost £11, collections of five are £38 and Pick’n’mix (box of 3) come in at £8.66 each with a free gift box. All are available from

6 thoughts on “Soigné

  1. I love the sound of these! Another thing that is quite autumnal is the ‘Redwood Forest’ Burt’s Bees lip crayon you’ve previously talked about. I absolutely love it and wear it everyday! Thank you for introducing me to them!

    Georgia x

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