Apologies, ramblings and Christmas!!


Hello there my holistic hotties! Just popping in with a quick post, firstly to keep you up to date and secondly to apologise for my crashing lack of posts and content lately! I’m really playing catch up at the moment after our little Monkey Aurélia was taken ill the week before last! She had been unwell for sometime after being sent home from nursery one day having been sick. She appeared to be on the mend and then out of the blue she developed a horrible cough and fever. We kept an eye on her and gave her lots of cuddles until one night she registered a fever of 40.6! We called NHS direct who advised us to take her to A&E! The long and short of it is that they kept her in for two nights while they awaited test results. They gave her antibiotics intravenously which perked her up hugely and she was eventually discharged last Tuesday. Turns out she had a nasty reaction to a urinary tract infection. The staff were absolutely fantastic. Real angels who are often over-worked and under-paid!

We’ve always managed up to this point, to avoid giving Aurélia antibiotics. I feel that their massive over-use is leading to gut problems and virus’ that are resistant to them. However in this case I think we were right to allow her to be treated with them. The doctors basically wanted to ensure that she wasn’t harbouring anything nasty like bacterial meningitis, until they could get the test results back. Also the turn-around in her condition once she had started them was amazing. I have ensured however that since starting the antibiotics, I have been re-balancing her gut flora. I believe this is vital for anyone taking a course of antibiotics but particularly children. Antibiotics are widely thought to wreak havoc with our gut microbiome. Our guts in turn, are known to hold the master-key to our immune systems. Antibiotics wipe out a lot of the “good bacteria” in our guts and lead us susceptible to all sorts of illness and disease. The best option is of course, not to take them. As I said before however, they can have their uses in extreme situations. So, what can we do if we, or someone in our family needs to take them? Well luckily probiotics can go a long way towards re-balancing our delicate and vitally important gut microbiome. You can buy probiotics from most health food shops however be aware that some forms NEED to be stored in the fridge!! My mum who is currently doing a degree in nutrition recommended GI Flora and Saccharomyces boulardii, both by Allergy Research group which can be purchased from Nutri-link. These are in capsule form but I have been opening the capsules and adding the powder to her milk or yoghurt. Thankfully Aurélia now seems to be back to her usual, cheeky self!

Back to mischief!
Back to mischief!

This little interlude set me somewhat behind in my blogging duties but obviously being a mummy must always come first. However I’ve been super busy in the meantime with some exciting projects including a photo shoot and interview that I should be able to tell you about early next week. I’ve also got a lovely Christmassy Guest Edit coming up for you soon with one of my favourite fashion brands! I’m getting so excited for the festive season and I must admit I even went out and bought some new decorations last week! I’m planning a post for you in the near future with some of my favourite holistic gift ideas for Christmas and I’m sure there will be something fashion based coming up too before the big day! In the meantime don’t forget you can keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram.


Sneaky peak of things to come!
Sneaky peak of things to come!





9 thoughts on “Apologies, ramblings and Christmas!!

  1. What a beautiful well written and informative blog Zoe. Firstly thank goodness Aurelia is well and cheeky again, must have been such an awful time for you all. I’d love to tell you about my dad if I may. His name is Eric and he will be 90 years old next March. Unfortunately and sadly we lost mum suddenly 9 years ago. Dad has coped very well considering. He is very fit and healthy. Until a couple of years ago he rambled often with The a Ramblers Association. These days he walks most days and walks round local parks with friends. He has lots of hair and almost all of his own teeth. He is on minimal medication. He is vegetarian and eats fruit and veg daily and eats garlic with practically everything. He doesn’t eat any processed food. He eats porridge for breakfast with dried fruit on top or at the moment stewed apples from his apple tree. He cooks himself a healthy hot meal daily and eats “goodies” in moderation. He likes fruit teas and mint tea etc and uses unsweetened soya milk. He is such an inspiration to our family and friends and others. Had to take him to A&E a couple of years ago after he’d overdone things on a ramble. The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe he was 88 years old and walking about 7 miles. They said they couldn’t! I tell him all about you, Brendan and Aurelia, he loved the photo of A recently in the woods. As you are a health conscious family I wanted to tell you about my amazing dad, hope you don’t mind.

    Love to you all, Kate xx

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    1. Wonderful Kate. A true inspiration. I bet he has a really positive outlook on life too! Long may he continue to enjoy his health and vitality and thanks for sharing and for your kind comments. X


  2. I’m so glad Aurélia is feeling better now – it must have been terrifying for all of you. I can’t wait to see everything that’s coming up! I can’t stand winter/the cold, but Christmas is one of my favourite seasons!

    Also excited to hear what is happening with the fashion side of things!

    Love Georgia X


  3. So glad Aurelia is better now💕 Love all ur blogs and can’t wait for the Christmas ones😊 Christmas is the only perk of winter. I don’t do well with cold dark nights😁 Really interested in ur health blogs too as I suffer with terrible tummy issues. Maybe probiotics would help me too? xxx


    1. Thanks Claire. Sorry to hear about your health issues. It may be worth thinking about consulting a nutritionist if you can. They can look into possible reasons such as food allergies/gluten intolerance etc. Thanks for your comment. 😀


  4. I love reading all of your blogs and look forward to reading the Christmassy ones. So pleased Aure’lia is better. It must have been a worrying time for you all. Your family must always come first. Thank you too for recommending Neom candles, I buy them all the time now. Also Weleda products, I love the foot balm and hand cream.Xx

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