A very juicy January!


A juice cleanse in January? Original, I know! Having completed my New Year’s Winter Glow yoga retreat at Poundon House I was feeling surprisingly sprightly for dreary January and so when the opportunity to increase my energy further came along in the form of a fab juice cleanse, I jumped at it! After all, If you can start the New Year feeling as fit and healthy as possible, the sky is the limit, right?


The Healthy Juice Company is a relative newby on the juice cleanse block, being launched in June 2015. It is the brainchild of Rosie Dickinson, a former chef and owner of a high-profile catering company. Rosie was introduced to juicing back in 2009 and has been on a mission ever since to produce the best quality, ethical juice cleanse on the market and to increase public awareness of what a healthy diet and lifestyle should be.


I’m not a total newcomer to the juice phenomenon but was immediately impressed by THJC ethos and credentials. This is a cleanse with a difference! To start with, this is a juice delivery service. Your fresh juices for the day are delivered to your door every morning by 6am. Luckily, thanks to my daughter I now no longer have to wake up at 6am every morning but if you do, be safe in the knowledge that your yummy nutrition will be there waiting by your front door! One of the major benefits to this is not having your freezer jam-packed full of bottles for the duration of your cleanse as with some other companies. The other benefit is truly fresh juice. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes in fruit and vegetables naturally start to degrade as soon as the juicing process begins. All THJC juices are to be consumed within twenty-four hours of juicing to ensure the ingredients are in their most beneficial state for nutrients to be absorbed by the body. The second difference is the fact that all juices come packaged in glass bottles rather than plastic. Now, I’ve always been completely amazed that not all juice companies do this. Not only is glass so much better for environmental reasons but also the health indications of consuming produce packaged in plastic is widely known. Chemicals in even the more (apparently) “safe” plastics are still thought to leach into their ingredients. The bottles arrive at your door packed in cardboard boxes insulated with totally environmentally friendly Sheep’s wool. Your empties are then collected the next morning before being cleaned and re-used or recycled.


Your daily package is made up of  4 x 480ml bottles of freshly cold-pressed, 100% raw fruit and vegetable juice combinations, 1 x 480ml bottle of nut milk  and a small jar of “cleanse elixir” which is a concoction made up of turmeric, lemon, pepper, coconut oil and flax seeds. This is to be mixed with hot water and consumed first thing every day. I admit, this maybe doesn’t sound particularly alluring but actually I found the taste really quite yummy and weirdly it even filled me up for quite some time! In fact I really enjoyed the flavours of all the different juices apart from one, a green juice containing Aloe Vera which I must say, I found quite a challenge to consume. I persevered however as I could see the health benefits of the ingredients. My favourite and something I came to look forward to every day was undoubtedly the nut milks, a sweet and filling treat to get you through the afternoon slump.



Now I know what you’re thinking. Is a juice cleanse hard? Do I have the willpower to do it? On this matter I must be honest… I don’t think I have ever fully completed a juice cleanse quite as they are intended, which is to replace solid food for a set amount of time, in this case three days. I fully understand the idea behind this. To clear your body of any toxins that form from the modern diets that most of us eat. Refined, processed foods and their hidden ingredients that we often consume without even knowing. Also a cleanse is designed to give the digestive system a bit of a break and flood the body with nutrients it is otherwise hard to get from diet alone. If you are considering a cleanse to help with weight loss or to break a cycle of bad eating and drinking habits then following it strictly is probably a good idea. As someone who is very conscious of what I consume (and also someone suffering from a horrid cold at the time) I chose on this occasion to supplement my cleanse with occasional healthy, light meals and snacks to add a bit of protein to my diet. These mainly consisted of raw nuts and seeds, fish and salads. Nothing that would compromise the nutritional content of my cleanse. The only problem with this being that I found it difficult to find the time/space to consume my six drinks per day! This does mean however that if you are doing your cleanse as it is intended you really shouldn’t feel too hungry. The juices are nutritionally balanced so don’t worry that you will missing anything for the short duration of your cleanse. For me it was a great opportunity to flood my body with masses of plant-based goodness which I truly believe (and there is scientific evidence for!) is the key to good health and the prevention of disease! I’m certain I will be back for my routine nutritional top up this time next year!


The Healthy Juice Company currently deliver to London and the Home Counties. See their website HERE for more details. Examples of juice include pineapple, cucumber,courgette, apple,mint and lime OR carrot, fennel, beetroot, cucumber, red pepper, apple and lemon.


This three day juice cleanse was kindly gifted to me by The Healthy Juice Company for review purposes.

3 thoughts on “A very juicy January!

  1. Another very interesting, well written blog. I have read about Juice Diets rather than cleanses before and have always dismissed them as being impractical, particularly as I am running round after a 2 and 4 year old, so need lots of energy. However, I can see the benefits of a short term plan, so will definitely be giving it some thought!

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