Weleda Age Revitalising concentrate. Perfect for Mother’s day.


Weleda launched their Evening Primrose Age Revitalising range last year. It is anti-ageing skincare primarily aimed at women in the 50+ age range, however when they launched the newest product more recently, Weleda kindly sent me some to try. This product is basically a serum to be used twice a day under your regular day or night cream and promises to reactivate cell renewal, increase skin elasticity and intensively moisturise mature skin. It’s packed with biodynamic, organic Evening Primrose oil with high concentrations of essential fatty acids as well as Aloe Vera and witch hazel to calm and cool the skin and Inca nut oil to regenerate cells and boost collagen. From the very first application I was a convert! It’s one of those wonderful products that you can actually feel working. As soon as you apply a couple of drops you can feel a slight tingle as the product gets to work. It instantly made my skin feel plumped and more hydrated. Although this is designed to be used under a moisturiser I actually found it to be great on its own during the day to moisturise without leaving any greasy residue as some day creams do. Because of this it also works really well as a base for your makeup ensuring it won’t slide off during the day. Having used the serum for over a month now I really feel that this product has made a big difference to the quality of my skin. It looks and feels softer and fresher, more moisturised and plumper on the surface. I’m so glad I got in on the act early with this one whilst in my 30’s. At this rate my skin need never reach 50!

Evening Primrose Revitalising Concentrate is priced at £34.95 for 30ml and goes a long was as you need only one or two drops at a time. This product contains 100% natural ingredients and is never tested on animals.


5 thoughts on “Weleda Age Revitalising concentrate. Perfect for Mother’s day.

  1. This sounds amazing! I bought Weleda’s skin food a few weeks ago now because I was tired of my “winter skin” and have to say it’s done wonders! It smells amazing too – I followed your recommendations from here and Twitter so thank you! x

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  2. Thank you Zoe, will give this a try. I have tried Weleda handcream and their footcream and found them really good. Also the delivery was really quick after ordering.Xx


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