Let the summer begin!


Wow, what a busy few weeks! Following on from my last post about our summer plans I thought it only right to give you guys a quick update so here I am sitting in my sunny kitchen back here in Blighty (my office is a pigsty!) We dragged ourselves back to the UK last weekend only to land in the midst of a mini heat wave much to my excitement and the best news is that we returned home having exchanged contracts on our beautiful new Mallorcan home! This however didn’t come without a hitch. It turns out we can’t get a mortgage on our new property until the legalisation papers have been stamped so these are currently sat on the desk of the ONE architect who works at the town hall in Mallorca and may well remain so whilst he goes off on his 2 MONTH annual summer holiday! Meanwhile we are sat at home in the UK twiddling our thumbs. I’m sure this whole process was created by the universe to try to teach me the art of patience! So far it isn’t working, however here are a couple of things I have learnt during our 5 weeks in Mallorca. 1) Banks there are incredible. The bank manager always remembers your name and your face and you have access to an actual, real life person six days a week either in branch or by phone or email. Something I’ve not heard of in England in at least twenty years! 2) April is mating season for both frogs and cockerels making it a very noisy time, particularly at night, if you are in the countryside. 3) There is no shortage of shops selling “holistic goodies”. There are, not one but two shops within a 3 mile radius selling precious stones and crystals including malas and other fabulous jewels and I’ve also discovered a shop jam-packed with my favourite Weleda skincare and cosmetics so I needn’t go without OR pay a fortune in excess baggage. 4) Speaking of shopping, there is a fab new, huge Zara in the capital Palma and I was pleasantly surprised (husband not so much) to discover one of my fave shops from my days of living in Barcelona, Pedro Del Hierro is still going strong. 5)You need to go with the flow on this island. One evening I invited a new friend I had made to accompany me to a Tibetan singing bowl meditation (as you do!) at the local yoga centre. Having um’ed and ah’ed all day about whether we should go or have a BBQ,  we got dressed up and rushed off to the centre only to find they had cancelled the class due to lack of interest! We decided the next most beneficial thing would be to sit in the main square and drink Rosé instead. Namaste.

Mediterranean life
Mediterranean life


A few of my purchases
A few of my purchases

So that leaves us here in the UK, at least for the month of May but I shan’t be putting my feet up! I’ve got a super-exciting month coming up, jam-packed with some wonderful events and opportunities to share with you here on the blog. And now with that in mind I’m off to raid my wardrobe!!

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12 thoughts on “Let the summer begin!

  1. How wonderful you have found your dream home on Mallorca, albeit not quite complete legally yet.
    I agree sometimes these things are sent to try us….quite often I hold back on saying something so as not to put the’jinx’ on it….but very soon your new home will be yours for years to enjoy life on your favourite island.
    How wonderful that you can actually speak to a ‘real’ person at the Bank etc., something that is denied to us here in Uk, it is a much more pleasurable way of conducting your business
    Your recent holiday on Mallorca sounded fab, from good food, wine and of course shopping, all these things help settle the female mind.! The weather of course, lovely sandy coves, warm sea water,make for beautiful family days out. Maybe due to mating wildlife in April…invest in some earplugs Zoe !
    Enjoy summer here in the Uk, with your forthcoming events, hope your raid on your wardrobe has proved fruitful for you….good old mix and match works so well, whatever you decide on, you always look fab Zoe…and not forgetting Brendan…he scrubs up very well too !
    If the weather remains sunny here in Uk, time passes so quickly and you will be seeing the realisation of your dreams in the not too distant future.
    Until your next blog….take care X

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  2. Hi Zoe Great to hear you have found your dream place- once you have the paperwork sorted it will all be worthwhile ( they do love their admin). As my yoga teacher quoted recently ‘If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere’. And yes I totally agree the banks in Mallorca are the best- real humans with the ability to recognise their customers is a rare thing! Look forward to your next blog. X


    1. Won’t be leaving Lorraine. As I said I very much love England especially in the summer. Just see it as a fantastic opportunity for the family to learn about another culture and another language for a few years and simplify life a little. And to get that much needed vitamin D! Thanks for taking time to read and comment. X


  3. So glad you’ve been able to come home knowing at least wheels are set in motion. Mallorca sounds wonderful – we will definitely be visiting soon! Love the hoodies you brought back. Have you found out what the schools are like in case you do do the big move? As someone who works in education for LA I would love to know how it compares!! Much love and thank you for bringing some sun back xxx
    Hannah x


  4. Hope you have had a lovely time and so exciting that your dream home will very soon be a reality. OK, so the architect is on his summer holidays a slight hitch but in the meantime think of the fun you can have planning all your decor, funny, I found myself thinking of you while in Zara home when I was abroad a couple of weeks ago. You suddenly popped into my head as I thought what beautiful things to furnish your home in the sun, gorgeous bedlinen and towels and beautiful colours, sadly my dream of owning a home in the sunshine will only ever be a dream but thought it was nice of me to think of you ha ha and wonder if you would have liked their homeware. Enjoy your time back in the UK and I look forward to hearing about your life in the sunshine.


  5. Another lovely blog Zoe. So pleased you have found a house and hope all goes through soon. Very interesting about the banks, something our country could learn and take on board. Over here we are just a name on a computer. Enjoy the summer and hopefully it will get warmer here. Looking forward to your next blog.Xx


  6. Your blog always leaves me feeling positive, thank you! Congratulations on finding your dream home, I hope it all gets sorted quickly for you!

    I might be the tiniest bit jealous! 😉


  7. Fingers and toes crossed for you! I hope you get your dream property. You lead such a beautiful lifestyle and it’s nice you have the option to live abroad. Enjoy it especially as your little one is still quite young.

    Ps – I noticed you use the word nameste quite a lot. I wonder what it means.


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