Weleda Skin Food…. An oldie but a goody!



Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your wardrobe desperately searching for something to wear and come across an old favourite? Something that used to be a regular “go to” piece that you always felt good in and begin to wonder why on earth you stopped wearing it? This is the kind of epiphany I had recently about a face cream. I was introduced to Weleda‘s best-selling product Skin Food about five years ago and it was love at first sight. Or should I say first smell! I used it religiously for all sorts of things. A facemask after exfoliating when my skin was particularly dry or run down, a treat for chapped lips, to protect my face from icy winds while out running in the winter and to soothe skin that had a little too much sun. I also loved using skin food to treat and protect my hands which often get so chapped in the winter that they crack and bleed. You could almost say that Skin Food was a bit of a superhero!

I can only imagine the reason I temporarily lost contact with my dear old friend Skin Food is through being thoroughly spoilt! You see I get sent many skincare products to try for review purposes and so I am often chopping and changing my skincare routine, however ultimately a fantastic product like this is a staple, just like that little black dress in the back of your wardrobe! So how did I come to be re-united with my long-lost friend? Well she had a birthday party and I was lucky enough to receive an invite! You see Skin Food is 90 this year! This in itself is a remarkable feat but the most surprising and impressive thing is that the formula hasn’t changed in all this time. The rich, deep-penetrating cream contains a mixture of organic plant actives to sooth and comfort skin. It has a smoothing base of organic almond and sunflower oils, organic beeswax and hypoallergenic lanolin making it wonderfully soothing without being too greasy. It’s also packed full of yummy organic plant actives such as Calendula, chamomile, rosemary and viola tricolour (wild pansy). As with all Weleda products its made from pure essential oils and so doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or parabens. Skin Food is a firm favourite of many celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Julia Roberts and a packet is sold every 30 seconds!


Anyway, back to the party! We gathered to celebrate Skin Food’s milestone at the fabulous Ham Yard hotel in London. We began with a fascinating and inspiring talk from Weleda’s managing director Jayn about the company’s background and ethos after which we were invited to sample the skin food facial as offered to weary fashion models every London Fashion Week at The Model Zone, an initiative sponsored by Weleda to care for young models during this busy and often stressful time. What a treat it was in the middle of my busy day to be soothed and pampered by my wonderfully knowledgeable facialist in such calming and luxurious surroundings. With just enough time for a chat over a cuppa with some lovely like-minded Weleda enthusiasts I set off on my way, glowing and with an all round sense of wellbeing. Something that Weleda always excels in creating.



During and after


Every good party has a goody bag and so to celebrate Skin Food’s 90th birthday I’m giving away a Weleda Skin Food facial collection worth £80. To enter simply share this post on your social media or RT on Twitter. One entry per person. UK residents only I’m afraid. Winner will be drawn at random on Fri 12th August and notified via social media.

Not actual prize but some of my old empties! 😉

To find out more about Weleda and the wonderful ethical and sustainable work they do click here

2 thoughts on “Weleda Skin Food…. An oldie but a goody!

  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs Zoe ! There is something very comforting about being ‘reunited with an old friend’ and Weleda Skin food is certainly a very comforting part of my everyday life…it is so versatile, ….as it is so natural, I can use it despite having eczema….so Skin Food and I will be forever friends X

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